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Еженедельный турнир «From zero to hero» от BTC Casino

So you’ve finished tutorial and don’t have a clue on how to proceed? Good.

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Choose one of 2 starting characters. I’d strongly reccommend assassin, since she has a sneak bonus for 200 turns. It will be very useful for what we’re about to do.

You shall enter the hardest mission in the game. You’re surely thinking I’m crazy, but here’s the catch, you need a lot of scrap and you are just too ill equipped to get any noticeable amount by doing the first mission (which is too hard to finish at this time anyways), doing survival isn’t a viable option either.

Now that we’ve got that covered, enter the Old Blood. You will be dying a lot, but pay it no heed. You will want to avoid ALL mobs and collect scrap. Every pile of scrap has around

15-20 of them, which is sometimes better than the whole other mission you were about to do, prior reading this guide. Collect all the scrap you can, you will need it later.
Should you aggro the mobs (red lightning above them), run away from them. If they get you cornered, teleport away or jump off. Losing 75 health is acceptable, you can’t beat a single mob there, even with full health.

All classes but the 4th have starter buffs, which dissipate after 1 or 2 distances. Only the 4th class has a permanent buff, which is +10 Fate. This is also the only stat you can NOT upgrade, so getting this class is a must. Sure, other buffs seem nice, but 200 turns is very little in this game and usually, when you need the buffs, they are long gone.

Getting to the 4th class is a bit tricky. You need research level 7 for him. As for that, i farmed scrap using the above method and I spendt all crystal on R.O.S.A. (the machine that gives you armor/weapons) and buying all the consumables i didn’t discover. Make sure that you do as many different events as possible. For the sake of unlocking research level 7, I had done some survivals, as well as running all 3 missions a few times.

You have to balance between saving scrap for the 4th character and not being too weak on your first character. For reference, my first char’s lvl is 23 — a bit too much probably.

By the time now, you should be getting a good level/unlocked the 4th character. The general idea is to run the 1st mission without dying. Missions as of now are the ONLY way to keeping your gear intact. Survival always ends up with you dying — so don’t do it.

When you feel you are ready, enter the 1st mission with a blunt protection armor and a good weapon. The first four distances are relatively easy — you shouldn’t have too much of a problem doing them, just be sure to avoid all monsters you can.

The 5th distance is a bit of a lottery. You pick up a bag and immediately get attacked by alien/synthetic lifeform. You should run away from it, but sometimes it just gets you cornered and you die. That’s why you should have a lot of blunt armor, you will inevitably lose some. The rewards for accomplishing the mission are great — around 150 scrap and a random box that awards items.

The strategy for the 5th distance will be posted in the next section. For it to work, you will have to be able to pass the first 4 distances WITHOUT blunt protection.

As of right now, you probably have a few 5 star items, if not, go get them! 😀
You need to be able to confidently pass the first 4 distances.

There is only 1 item that is absolutely required for this mission — Galactic helmet. It is a 5 star helmet, which gives you electric absorb. Remember that red orb (named Crystaline Entity) that attacked you in distance 5? Now its attacks heal you and you can slowly chip off its health and kill it.

Optional items:
A good weapon — you still need it for distance 1-4
DNA extractor — you buy it for 20 crystals — you can capture that lifeform with it
Security Slicer — robot pet, the red orb heals him, great for passing distance 1-4

Bonus: Crystaline Ally pet (Extract from Crystalline Entity)- has 275 hp, 29-24 damage and 47,5% dodge, really strong!!

Amoroumancy staff — blight doesn’t damage me, so i can take my time exploring
Galactic helmet — electric immunity
2 DNA extractors — so i capture every mob out there (i could take 3, but then my inventory would suffer, 2 are all you ever need)
Security slicer pet — good damage and protection, it gets healed when attacked by the orb
optional: you can take some healing items, you never know — I am overleveled, so i really dont need them 🙂

sorry for the low quality and no cursor

audio should be removed soon

NOTE: apparently I’m having troubles seeing the video, here is the link (right click — go to url) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoN7uqj_pQc

I tried going into exploration mode with that pet only and with absolutely no gear — to prove how strong it is. Ironically, i got to distance 13, where i destroyed the portal by teleporting into it, hoping to pass a turret.

This one is leaps and bounds harder than the first one. You will want to be as geared up as you can be for this one.
I do not have an ideal gear for the mission, because the attacks are varied. Turrets do fire damage — sometimes the turrets can’t be evaded. Robot crabs do all kinds of damage, I’ve seen electric, blunt and even fire damage. Robots do slicing and blunt damage.

The first four differences are a pain. Be sure to bring a lot of potions.
My 3 slots were as follows:

  • DNA extractor — you’d want to get some goodies from there 😉
  • 5 pets (I chose the crystalline ally — explanation follows)
  • 5 potions (get a stack of 5)

The reason I chose the Crystaline Ally as pet was because it has a lot of hp. The pain is that it heals its enemies instead of damaging them — robots have electric absorb. Still, its great because i use it as a tank. Also, I have many of them from farming the 1st mission. You can use Nest Companions instead if you feel like it. They are probably a better choice than the orbs.

The fifth distance is special. Blight enemies spawn constantly here. After you pick up the item, a monter spawns that deals around 30 blight and 10 frost damage. If you have allies, spawn them, make them take damage from the monster, then finish it. You can also just run away from it.

The rewards from this dungeon aren’t scraps, you get a 5 star item, that gives you 5 defence, blight immunity, +30 wits and +16 fate.
Really good in my opinion.

As for upgrading the character, I recommend a mixture between strength and hp. Definitely go strength first, then alternate a bit. Wits aren’t so important for me, I level them when i get several levels easily.

Get as many pets as you can. Is the first mission becoming too easy? Farm as many Nest Companions as you can, then capture the Crystalline ally. Rinse and repeat.

From Zero to Hero

From Zero To Hero



Mission Objectives

• ­Take out the gang members. Protect Lance and the trucks.

• ­Get in the truck.

• ­Don’t lose Lance! (Appears if the player gets too far away from Lance)

• ­Cross the bridge and avoid incoming fire from the helicopter.

Conditions of mission failure


Unlocked by


Technical Information

Time of day

From Zero to Hero is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by his brother Lance Vance from Lance’s hotel room in Downtown, Vice City.


Lance informs Vic of a cocaine shipment arriving in Vice City and he intends to steal it. Vic is initially not interested until Lance reveals it belongs to Vic’s bitter enemy Jerry Martinez. Victor and Lance leave the hotel room and drive to the docks in Little Haiti in Lance’s Sentinel XS. They are met by some of Martinez’s men, who they kill, and then steal the two Barracks OLs containing the cocaine. Lance and Victor drive off, managing to avoid more of Martinez’s men in Bobcats and Sentinel XS’.

They reach the bridge connecting to Washington Beach, where Martinez begins to fire missiles towards the two from a Hunter. Victor and Lance manage to get to the other side of the bridge where the VCPD are waiting, which scares off Martinez. Victor and Lance then drive to their new safehouse, driving the two trucks into the garage.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Drive to the docks in Little Haiti.
  • Take out the gang members. Protect Lance and the trucks.
  • Get in the truck.
  • Follow Lance.
  • Don’t lose Lance!(Appears if the player gets too far away from Lance)
  • Cross the bridge and avoid incoming fire from the helicopter.
  • Follow Lance.

Post-Mission Pager Message

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Lance tells me you’re gonna be rich. Does that mean you don’t have
time for me no more?


The reward for completing the mission is $3,000 and the mission Brawn of the Dead is unlocked. The bridges connecting the mainland with eastern Vice City have also reopened, allowing the player to access Ocean Beach, Washington Beach and Vice Point. Pilotable aircraft and boats (along with their respective side-missions) can now be controlled, and the player can now attain a six-star wanted level.

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